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Our Story

A Message from our Kārigars (The Artisans)

A Note from Us

NAMASKAYA is a story of the seven seas. A brand new story of an intercontinental journey seeking local answers to universal questions.

The label is the creative child of Devisha and Dany; Devisha of Indian origin raised in Mombasa, Kenya and Dany of Bosnian and Macedonian descent raised in Berlin, Germany. We are passionate travellers with diverse skill sets and interests, including but not limited to entrepreneurship, hospitality, sustainability and design. Our meeting in Miami was a meeting of the minds and hearts, and a personal front-row view to the beautiful exposition of multiculturalism.

We've cherished dreams to support local artisans and small businesses around the world in innovative, meaningful ways. That dream was born on our wedding day in India when we were able to celebrate the vibrant crafts of that country through our trousseau. Yet, we also worried about rising air pollution levels in India's capital city, New Delhi. At the time, some of the worst air pollution metrics were coinciding with our wedding dates. It is here that a personal project for a face mask crafted from coveted heritage crafts of heirloom value met with the considerations of urgency and function. Our plans for creating the anti-pollution masks were only an idea, rekindled this year by the new global reality of a pandemic inflicted world, which had us reevaluate its purpose. The pragmatic traveller's veil as a local solution to local problems grew to become a localized solution to a universal problem.

And so, we place before you, NAMASKAYA, a union of worlds and an arrangement of planetary possibilities. Through our label, we channel our support to artisanal livelihoods across the world and the revival and preservation of local crafts. Our approach is global and informed by a creative team of international collaborators including an exclusive design collaboration with an Indian Fashion Designer, Debyani.

NAMASKAYA finds inspiration from the Sanskrit word, Namaste and the Scandinavian name, Kaia which means pure. It represents the idea that all are one. It affirms that beneath the outer trappings that make us appear different from others; we are more the same than we are different. Through our endeavours, we hope that design unfailing rises to meet our obligations to one another and that fashion will continue to find a place alongside function. Through this, our offering, may you find ethereal objects embodying beauty, purity and singularity that serve your needs and ours.


Devisha & Dany